Worldkings - Daily Highlighs - October 27, 2017 - Laddroller, the 4x4 standing wheelchair of the future.


( A unique standing wheelchair, a groundbreaking mobility device made in order to help tens of millions of wheelchair users worldwide.

We all know wheelchair users and we are aware of the health complications they face because of their sedentary life. They suffer from osteoporosis, they have circulation and respiration problems, they even die from heart diseases and infections. For these reasons, they have to regularly attend sessions of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, in order to get the mobility they need or just to stand up because human body is designed to do so. On the other hand, motor disability causes psychological side effects. These people have lost their autonomy, they strive to socialize and the most important, they have lost eye contact with others.

That's why they invented laddroller, a standing wheelchair that elevates the user by making use of the motion of the wheels and only. When the 2 sets of wheels come closer to each other, the whole geometry of the wheelchair changes and the user stands up instantaneously.

 Laddroller is selectively 4-wheel drive and thanks to the placement of the bigger wheels in the front it is able to overcome obstacles like steps, curbs and gaps. Its modular design makes it easily portable in the trunk of a medium car and it can be also propelled manually in case battery runs low. Laddroller is an entirely new, innovative approach in mobility compared to the existing devices.

According to Kickstarter.


Van Nguyen (collect ) - WORLD RECORDS UNION - WORLDKINGS ( source of photo : internet )


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