Worldkings - Daily Highlighs - October 22,2017 - Samsung's new camera has 17 lenses and costs $10,500.


( With 17 lenses and a $10,500 price tag, Samsung's 360 Round camera is not messing around.

Equipped with two pairs of eight lenses and one in the center staring up, the 360 Round is designed for pros and enthusiasts to capture and livestream 3D video and audio, specifically for creating VR content.

It's hefty, and about the size of a Roomba (when Samsung first announced it, I thought it looked like a many-eyed hockey puck, until I actually saw it with my own eyes).

Far outside the reach of the average Joe or Joanne, the 360 Round is still a notable foray into high-end capture from a company that's been steadily pushing into the consumer VR space with its lineup of Gear VR headset and 360 cameras. This is Samsung's way of inching a little bit deeper into the VR world.

In fact, the Samsung 360 Round has been in the works since 2014, when it was called Project Beyond. The 360 Round is resistant to dust and water at a rating of IP65, and will come to the US later this month before launching in other countries "over time."


Samsung 360 Round camera specs:

Dimensions: 205 x 205 x 76.8mm, 1.93kg

17 cameras at 2 megapixels, F1.8 aperture

Microphones: 6 internal (spatial audio); 2 external ports

Video resolution: Up to 4,096x2,048 at 30fps per lens

Memory: 10GB (LPDDR3); 40GB (eMMC)

External memory: 256GB (or up to 2TB on SSD)

USB-C connector port

IP65 water and dust resistance

According to

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