WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlighs - November 13, 2017 - The machine that will wash your bike... for £7.50!


( The machine that will wash your bike... for £7.50! Bicycle-washing machines that can clean up your muddy cycles will be coming to UK streets next year

Cyclists can automatically activate the machine by using credit card or PayPal to pay for three minute bike-wash, the company says.

In Germany and Austria prices per wash are between 4,50 euros (£4/$5.25) to 8,50 euros (£7.50/$9.90).

Next year the company will be delivering machines in Poland and Holland, a spokesperson told MailOnline.

The machine activates automatically and does not require an operator.

It is connected to the internet so people can search online to find them.

A clean takes between two to five minutes and there is a wheel turning that means the entire rim and tyre is reached, the company says.

It circulates 60l of water a minute and splash guard brushes on the top and side. The water is around 40°C.

It costs 590 euros (£523/ $697) to rent out the Cycle Wash for half a day, complete with support staff.

It costs 2,290 euros (£2030/$2670) to rent it out for one week.

According to Dailymail

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