WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights - May 21, 2018 - Kilner Vintage Glass Butter Churn: Make Homemade Butter in Just 10 Minutes


( Do you want to make your own butter but hate the time and effort required with the more traditional methods of churning? The Kilner Vintage Glass Butter Churn is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you make your own butter in 10 minutes.

Simply fill your glass mason jar with heavy cream or whipping cream, place the churn on top of your jar, and crank for 10 minutes. You’ll have buttermilk you can use for delicious pancakes, and homemade butter to eat with bread or include in recipes.



This small, portable device brings butter churning into the 21st century. You can make more traditional butter, or you can add herbs, spices, garlic, or chilli to create your own unique butter flavors! It also comes with some recipes—make Cinnamon and Honey Butter, Parmesan Basil and Tomato Butter, or Buttermilk Fruit Scones.



It has a 34 oz capacity, and it can be cleaned easily—simply hand wash it, and you’re good to go! The churn is simple to care for and maintain—it can last you for a long time.



Your homemade butter can be completely customized to what you like and what your dietary needs are.

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