WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlighs - May 18, 2018 - Self-cleaning airplane seats could soon become a reality


( A German-based company is currently developing a self-cleaning airplane seat that promises to destroy almost every germ it comes in contact with.

Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH, whose customers include Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., says that the seats are infused with a disinfectant, according to Bloomberg.

The seats are developed only for business class, and they will somehow tell the customers just how well they've done their job.

'The best innovation doesn't help if you cannot show it,' said Recaro CEO Mark Hiller.

The seats are being developed exclusively for business class and are a response to multiple studies that show just how dirty airplanes can be.

The Recaro seats will also give massages and predict backaches, Hiller said. Antibacterial coatings have long been used for hard surfaces, but Recaro faced a challenge in applying them to fabrics. The hope is that the coated fabric can combat the amount of germs found on planes.

One square inch of a seat-belt buckle can be home to up to 1,100 viable bacteria and fungal cells, according to a January report.

A 2014 study at Auburn University discovered that MRSA can live for a week in the fabric of a seat pocket nestled in saliva.Hiller also said the company is still figuring out how it would tell customers that the chair is clean.

Recaro hopes to have the chairs ready within the next year or two. Their business-class seats already cost up to $95,000 each. Hiller claims that in the future the seats will offer more control over the noise, light and temperature in a passenger's personal airspace. A door or partition will provide privacy.

According to dailymail

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