[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlighs - January 6, 2018 - FIXT Nomad Survivalists Water Filter.


(Worldkings.org) The FIXT Nomad Survivalists Water Filter allows you to drink water from any source (except salt water), even from a toilet, without worrying for your well-being.

This handy water filter is a must-have for any emergency kit or outdoors enthusiast’s backpack.

Since you never know what might happen and you can’t survive long without water, this water filter seems like an obvious choice.

You can actually use this water in three different ways. First, use it with an included straw to simply drink right out of the water source you have managed to find.

Second, you can attach it to your water bladder when you’re out. Fill the water bladder with water from a nearby lake, for example, and sip on it while you are hiking.

The third and final use of this water filter is for those who lack clean water indoors. You can attach it to a water heater thus making the water inside of it actually safe for drinking.

Through an intricate inner mechanism, the filter eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria and contaminants in the water. Actually, it increases the alkalinity of water making it healthier and more beneficial for your body.

With FIXT Nomad Survivalists Water Filter you’ll never be thirsty if there is even a semblance of water nearby.

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