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(Wcsa.world) Constitution Day—also called National Day—in Tonga is held on November 4, and it commemorates the adoption of the nation’s constitution in 1875.

The Kingdom of Tonga is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean located south of Samoa and between New Zealand and Hawaii. Tonga is comprised of 169 islands that stretch over a distance of about 500 miles and was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1773. It has since been known as the “Friendly Islands” because of the friendly reception he and his crew received. Cook happened to arrive during the annual Inasi Festival and was invited to join in the festivities. Tonga is a constitutional monarchy in which the King exercises executive power through a Cabinet with legislative power vested in the legislative Assembly. The constitution can be amended by the legislative assembly. Tonga is also the only South Pacific island nation to have avoided formal colonization.

The Tongan Constitution stipulates the balance of power in the Tongan government and the functions of the executive, legislative, and

judiciary branches. It was enacted by King George Tupou I on November 4, 1875. Tonga’s Constitution Day is held on November 4 each year to commemorate the adoption of the constitution.

Constitution Day is a significant holiday in Tonga. Constitution Day (National Day) events include flag raisings, speeches, marches, and performances of music and dance.

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