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(WorldKings) The Independence Day of Brazil, commonly called Sete de Setembro (September 7th), is a national holiday observed in Brazil on September 7 of every year. Today, let's send messages of congratulations to Brazil.


The Independence Day of Brazil, commonly called Sete de Setembro (September 7th), is anational holiday observed in Brazil on September 7 of every year. The date celebrates Brazil's Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves on September 7, 1822.



On September 2, 1822, a new decree with Lisbon's demands arrived in Rio de Janeiro, while Prince Pedro was in São Paulo. Princess Maria Leopoldina, acting as Princess Regent, met with the Council of Ministers and decided to send her husband a letter advising him to proclaim Brazil's independence. The letter reached Prince Pedro on September 7, 1822. That same day, in a famous scene at the shore of the Ipiranga River, he declared the country's independence, ending 322 years of colonial dominance of Portugal over Brazil. According to journalist Laurentino Gomes, who wrote a book about the event, Prince Pedro "could not wait for his arrival to São Paulo to announce the decision". Gomes adds that "he was a reckless man in his decisions but he had the profile of leader that Brazil needed at the time, because there was no time to think".



Independence Day is a national holiday marked by patriotic displays in most Brazilian cities. In Brasília, the celebration takes place at the Ministries Esplanade with a military parade in the presence of the President of Brazil. Around 30,000 people attend the event each year, which costs about one million reais. Similar military parades are held in all the state capitals, and in many cities throughout the country.



Now let's send messages of congratulations to Brazil !



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