5 world records set in the 30th Meeting of Vietnam Book of Records


(Worldking) – In the evening of August 29th 2015, Vietnam Book of Records organized the 30rd Meeting of Record Holders in Ho Chi Minh city with the jubilant and solemn atmosphere, and in the meeting, the Vietnam Book of Records also confirm for the 5 new world records.

1. Meritorious Artist–Director Nguyen Van Luong- "the directors that made most film about Vietnamese Sea and Island"

Director Nguyen Van Luong (baoyenbai.com)

Afer 28 years working in movies sector, the notorious artist- Dr. Nguyen Van Luong mande 220 movies about the nation, people in the Vietnamese Island area in 3 genres: : television, feature and documentation; accepted enthusiatically by the domestic and abroad Vietnamese societies. With this archievement, he was confirmed by the Vietnam Book of Records in 2012 and by Asia Book of Records in 2013. His 220 movies are really a “museum about the nation, peole and the island of the Northern Vietnam Islands”.

2. MA. Le Van Tuan- General Representator for the UNESCO in the Southern Vietnam- “the CROR music”- the XXL Size Reader introduce about the CROR music with the most creative content and form.

The Cror Music Book and Mr. Le Van Tuan (vietnamnhanvan.org)

The music book CROR of the music composer Le Van Tuan was written in 25 years, printed in 220 days. This book was confirmed by the Vietnam Book of Records in 2011 and by Asia Bokk of Records in 2012.

The normal size book was published in 2009 with 5000 copies. And then it was printed in XXL size. CROR music is a music that is so different from the other existing music lines in the world, this is a mixture of 4 official world music lines in the world: Classic, Romantic, Opera, Rock to make a “world of wonder” in music.

3. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Khoi- the chairman of TM Ha Noi KAT- the largest collection of Vietnam War Medals”

Mr Khoi and his collection (thethaovanhoa.vn)

Once a soldier of National Liberation Front, after the Sothern Vietnam Liberation Day, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Khoi began to collect the medals and award of the VPA to keep and reserve the memories of his comrades. Until now, his collection includes 9300 medals and awards in many kinds. With him, those are the evidences for the sacrification that he and his comrades gave for the unification of the country.

4. Mrs Nguyen Thi Nga- General Director of TM Ha Noi KAT Company – “the largest collection of the Vietnamese and World Ancient Money”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga

With the thinking that any money used in any country will reflect the prosperity and the fall of the economy and the cultural exchange of this country, thus it makes this money become invaluable, Ms.Nga has spent the effort to collect to used kinds of money in Vietnam and worldwide. Her collection now includes millions of monetary units that weighted about 10 tonnes, from the separated to monolithic form.

The Vietnamese ancient money includes the coins from Dinh, Tien Le, Ly, and Tran…etc to the Nguyen Dynasty and in the era of Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Moreover, the collection includes the paper and metal currency from 185 countries in the world. And based on the outcome of the test made by the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism Ha Noi, that collection has been issued the license as the National Antiques.

5. Intermix International Powder Joint Venture Company- "the biggest rice pancake"

The biggest pancake (tuoitre.com)

On 12th December 2014, in the opening ceremony of the Binh Dien Flower Market (District 8, HCMC), the Intermix International Joint Venture Company made a rice pancake with 1.9 metres diameter and weighted 10kg. This pancake was cooked in a alumnium pan weighted 35kg, 2 metres diameter and made by 5 employees of the company.

This pancake was confirmed by the Vietnam Book of Records in 12th December 2014 and in July 2015, confirmed as the “biggest rice pancake in the World” by the World Records Union.


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