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( Tunnel Of Love is a unique place where a railway station is deemed as the tunnel of love.

This gorgeous botanic tunnel is an abandoned railway section within in a secluded forest in western Romania. It’s a magical, romantic place to discover. Glittering light filters through the trees, streaking the air and dappling the earth, giving the railway a mesmerizing photographic charm.

Despite its recently acquired official European recognition, the tunnel remains relatively unknown among the public. The “Tunnel of Love” (Romania’s version of the famously beautiful Ukrainian tunnel) feels like an open secret shared among soon-to-be-married couples and photographers with a keen sense for scoping out special spots. 

The railway is a secondary non-electrified railway that was inaugurated between 1908 and 1909. After it was abandoned, nature began reclaiming the space. Trees and shrubs began stretching skyward, eventually forming a tunnel above the old metal tracks.

Reaching the tunnel is part of the allure. Excitement builds as you reach the small commune of Obreja, which you’ll quickly pass through only to leave the quaint houses and old church behind to drive into the sprawling countryside.

Only when you spot the dirt path along the side of the road will you know you’re on the right path to discovering the tunnel, which has been hiding in plain sight all along. ​

According to atlasobscura

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