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( The Big Moose, Norway is the world’s biggest moose towering above a highway.

When driving down the narrow drive of Norway’s route E3, you may be entranced by the scenic forests and water features. Still it is impossible to miss the giant, shining silver elk statue on the side of the road.

Storelgen, meaning “the Big Elk,” stands just over 32 feet tall (10 meters). This majestic moose statue temporarily beat out its rival statue - Mac The Moose, in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewn, Canada. Mac The Moose received a new set of antlers, reclaiming his title as “the world’s biggest moose”.

The giant statue was created as a rest stop for weary drivers, to break up the monotony for those traveling the road between Oslo and Trondheim.

It marks the halfway point between the capital city and Trondheim in the north. It also doubles as a not-so-subtle reminder for drivers to watch out for local wildlife, elk included.

The statue was made by Norwegian artist Linda Bakke, in collaboration with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. It is made of a reflective steel that mirrors its beautiful surroundings. 

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