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( Green Lake, Austria is one of the most unique parks in the world.

Grüner See (Green Lake) is a beautiful green colored lake situated near Tragoess village, in southeast Austria. The lake is surrounded by the snowed peaks of Hochschwab Mountains and forests that create a place of fantastic beauty, perfect for hiking and mountain adventures.

But that is not the only reason why we are sharing this unique location. Green Lake is considered as one of the most “exotic” waters to dive in around Europe due to a rare natural phenomenon: during summer, the snow from the peaks starts to melt and fresh water floods the valley.

The area is the starting point for many hikes that reach peaks of more than 2,500 meters. But in March, once the temperature rises and the snow on the mountain melts, the water level in the lake slowly begins to go up, covering pathways and small trees.  In June, the lake becomes an amazing lagoon, reaching its maximum depth of 12 meters while swallowing high trees, a bridge and even benches. In late-July, the lake becomes smaller and smaller, revealing once again the underwater landscape. And this happens every year!

If you intend to visit Austria and Grüner See Lake, make sure to plan your arrival around mid-May or June.  However, recent regulations forbid scuba-diving and exploring the underwater ecosystem. The number of tourists practicing different water sports activities in the lake during summer were harming the sensitive environment, so the authorities prohibited access starting with 2016.

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