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( Eternal Flame Falls has a fire which never burns out.

For several years scientists thought that the eternal flame in New York kept ablaze by gas generated by ancient rocks that are extremely hot. However, Indiana University researchers found that the rocks beneath are not hot enough to create this gas; which implies that something else is keeping the flame alight and they are unable to discover the real reason behind such a phenomenon.

The eternal flame located behind a waterfall in western New York. According to the Native Americans, it is being lit for thousands of years. There are hundreds of other eternal flames across the world. And the scientist assumed that the fire is due to natural gas, generated from the rock underneath. 

Arndt Schimmelmann and examiners from Indiana University found that rocks underneath the fire in New York are not hot enough to generate such an outcome. 

Schimmelman further stated that according to him there’s a different way of gas production in that particular location. He added saying, and if there is indeed another path of gas production, then there might be more shale-gas sources than anticipation. The temperature of the flame said to be hotter than the boiling point of water.

Collapse the carbon molecules in the shale. This consequence produces natural gas. 

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