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( Alt-Steak, Israel is the world’s first 3d printed vegan steak product.

Redefine Meat unveiled the world's first Alt-Steak plant-based products on June 30,2020, with market testing at select high-end restaurants to start later this year.

Created using Redefine Meat's patent-pending 3D meat printing technology, the company's Alt-Steak products have the texture, flavor and appearance of beef steak and can be produced in the volume and cost to enable large-scale market launch.

Working with leading butchers, chefs, food technologists and the close collaboration of taste expert, Givaudan, Redefine Meat has digitally mapped more than 70 sensorial parameters into its Alt-Steak products, including premium beef cuts' texture, juiciness, fat distribution and mouthfeel.

Layer by layer, the company's proprietary industrial-scale 3D food printers create the Alt-Steak products using Redefine Meat's Alt-Muscle, Alt-Fat, and Alt-Blood plant-based formulations. By printing with multiple materials, Redefine Meat can create sustainable, high-protein, no-cholesterol steaks that look, cook, and taste like beef.

Redefine Meat's Alt-Steak products will be put to the test at a limited number of leading chef restaurants later this year. Incorporating feedback from high-level chefs and butchers, the company will then ramp up production of its 3D meat printers and alt-meat formulations ahead of market distribution in 2021.

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