Teenager uses extreme yoga skills to apply eyeliner with a KNIFE


(WorldKings) Anamika Kothari, 14, uses her knee to hold onto the blade before she dips it black kajal to apply her eyeliner

A talented teenage girl has an incredibly risky make-up routine - that involves applying her eyeliner with a KNIFE.

And the danger doesn't stop there for the youngster.

Anamika's make up routine is extremely risky

Anamika Kothari, 14, uses her knee to hold onto the blade before she dips it black kajal to apply her eyeliner .

Her flexibility and steady hand has even earned her a stint on India's Got Talent.

Anamika, who lives in Ajmer in Rajasthan, northern India, said: "I’m usually a shy and conservative person.

"I never wanted to be famous but I love performing tricks now. It’s a real buzz doing this trick. I want to keep pushing myself and perform lots of challenging yoga positions."

She can use her knees to apply her eyeliner with a KNIFE 

Anamika began learning yoga just two years ago.

Her father and trainer, Narendra Kumar Kothari, 35, has been determined to give his children a talent in life after he was forced to quit school with no prospects.

He said: "My parents didn’t have enough money to educate me or nurture any of my talents. But my children will not suffer the same. I’m determined to make sure they’re a success in everything they do."

Narendra was a yoga enthusiast as a child after copying his father’s talents in wrestling but his talents were never crafted.

"I used to do the ‘local village sport’ but I never knew it was called yoga," Narendra said. "My father was sporty so I picked it up but no one ever took me aside and encouraged me."

Anamika is now proud to achieve what her father never could.

Anamika is trained by her father who also loves yoga

After experimenting with a variety of stunts Anamika decided to try and achieve something exceptional.

"I saw something similar online," she said. "So I adapted it a little and came up with this stunt. It was risky at first but I took it slow. Now it’s fun."

Last year, she even made it on India’s Got Talent with her eye-watering stunt.

"My friends got jealous when I appeared on TV," she said.

"They avoided me at school. But when more people came to know about my talents my popularity grew. My friends quickly came back. I’m ok with it, it’s life."

She hopes to break world records with her amazing flexibility

Anamika devotes at least two hours a day training and developing her yoga positions.

She’s won several medals and certificates at national level but the dream is to be world famous and break world records. But more importantly show India – a country that values males more than females - that ‘girls are as good as boys’.

Anamika first copied the trick after watching a video online 

She added: "I feel proud I’m doing something no one else in India can do. I want to show case my talents to the world and prove girls are not weak.

"Many girls I know are forced to hide their talents behind closed doors. But girls can reach the same level as boys if they have the right support. And with my parents’ support I can achieve anything."


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