One in a million! Tourist snaps world's happiest sloth with giant selfie stick


(Worldkings) People described the pic as "the only reason one should own a selfie stick" after a man managed to take the rare snap while trekking through the forest in South America

A tourist found a great use for his selfie stick by taking what is possibly the first ever 'slofie.'

Source: Twitter

While many people think selfie sticks should be shunned - the humble rod seems to have been redeemed after a man used it for a snap while trekking through the forest in South America.

Commenting on the photo, one person described it as "the only reason one should own a selfie stick," while another poster came up with an ingenious name for the rare pic - a "slofie."

The photo has since been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media, including Imgur and Russian social media site Pikabu

PR manager Andrew Bloch seems to claim taking the picture while on a trek through a rain forest.

Alongside the picture he wrote: "I'm totally against the selfie-stick but every now and then an exception comes along."

Hình 3

The typically shy creatures are hard to spot - and definitely hard to take a photo with as they spend more than 70 per cent of their time snoozing or moving slowly through the trees.

Pham Duy Nghia - Mirror

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