New Yorkers Are Writing Post-It Love Notes to America on the Walls of a Subway Station


(Worldkings)Called Subway Therapy, it’s part a public art project and part a big group hug, allowing people to write a short message on a Post-It note and stick it on the wall. Many of the writings contain sentiments of hope, fear, and anger at the current state of affairs. Together, they’re a comfort to read by showing that many others feel the same way.

The artist known as Levee is the mastermind behind this project, and this isn’t his first iteration of it. Subway Therapyhas existed for a while, but it’s become especially relevant over the past week. “[This is] kind of a special edition because of the frustrations and stress it seems like people will have,” Levee told abc7NY. “So I brought the Post-Its and I thought it’d be interesting to see everyone’s thoughts up on the wall. It’s been really beautiful.”

There are now more than 1,500 notes in this edition of Subway Therapy. Locals, you too can express yourself by visiting the underpass that connects the 1 train to the L at 14th street and 6th Avenue. And if you see these Post-Its on the ground, Levee asks kindly that you pick them up.

Pham Duy Nghia -Source: mysticalraven

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