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(Worldkings)Have you heard of Kotori Cafe, the small bird cafe found in popular tourist spot Omotesando? It's an amazing place where you can meet friendly little birds, and even have them sit on your shoulder. There's even a cute cafe menu and lots of small bird-theme

The Interior Is Full Of Colorful, Cute Birds

Image Source: Kotori Cafe

There are eight varieties of birds, with 30 birds in total making Kotori Cafe their home. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a bird-lover, the sight of these colorful, sweet birds just might change your mind.

At different times throughout the day, the birds show off their different talents. For example, if you arrive at the cafe in the morning, you can watch the birds happily frolic with one another, while if you arrive around 3 PM, you will see the birds as they take their afternoon nap. With their heads gently tipped to the side, the sight of these little sleeping birds is quite sweet.

Now, let's check out what you can do there, as well as what services may be ordered at the cafe. First, please take a look at the birds and at the shop interior that they call home.

Relaxing While Appreciating the Birds


For starters, the cafe space is separated from the birds' living space by a glass panel, through which you can watch the birds. It goes without saying that you shouldn't tap on the glass and frighten the birds.


This is the Kozakura-inko, known in English as a Rosy-faced Lovebird. A member of the Parakeet family, Rosy-faced Lovebirds are the most loving and always found living in pairs. Once they've paired up, Rosy-faced Lovebirds are almost always together, whether awake or asleep. Just seeing these two little birds together has a calming effect upon yourself.


Nearly twice as large as the Rosy-faced Lovebird is the Okame-inko, or the Cockatiel. With red patches on their cheeks, these birds always look as though they're feeling embarrassed about something. Very cute!

Meeting The Birds

If you feel that just looking at the birds isn't enough, then you should definitely try the "Mofu-mofu experience" (the Fluffy Experience). Through this service, alongside their specially trained staff, you can enter the birds' room and get up close and personal with the birds themselves. By choosing from the Taihaku-ōmu (Umbrella Cockatoo), Okame-inko (Cockatiel), Bunchō (Java Rice Finch), and Kozakura-inko (Rosy-faced Lovebird) you can actually come in contact with two of the birds at the cafe.

This little bird is Haru-chan, a Java Rice Finch. Isn't she an adorable little white bird? Haru-chan really reacts to sounds, so please feel free to talk to her. Plus, with Haru-chan lightly resting on your shoulder, you should definitely consider taking a picture to remember your trip by.


Next up is the Umbrella Cockatoo, Taichi-kun. Of all the birds that you can meet, Taichi-kun is the biggest and the strongest boy of them all. As a type of white parrot, Taichi-kun is covered from beak to claw in beautiful, white feathers. He's quite clever and loves to chat too. At Omotesandō's Kotori Cafe, there are also two other birds that you can meet. Head on down to the cafe and see for yourself.

Photography is allowed during the mofu-mofu experience, however flash photography is forbidden. And of course, when petting the birds, please only gently pet them on the head. Do not touch their backs or attempt to grab the birds in anyway.

The mofu-mofu experience lasts for five minutes and up to three people may enter the birds' room at one time. The general fee for one experience is 500 yen, however, every Thursday the cafe offers one free experience of this type to each group.

The Cafe Menu Is Perfect Too


Image Source: Kotori Cafe

Of course Kotori Cafe also has an incredible cafe menu. More than ten varieties of coffee and tea are available, and all drinks cost 800 yen plus tax. Each drink comes with a lovely Kotori cookie baked by a pastry specialist in Hokkaidō.

Image Source: Kotori Cafe

Cakes with bird designs are also available. They are so cute that it almost seems a shame to eat them! Each cake costs 800 yen plus tax. You can also purchase a cake as part of a drink set, which is very wallet-friendly. Wouldn't you like to spend your coffee break in the company of these lovely little birds?

Goods With A Small Bird Theme



When you are getting ready to leave the cafe, don't forget to check their souvenir corner. From stationery to home goods to candy and beyond, there are dozens of adorable bird-themed items to choose from. Wouldn't these make a great souvenir of your visit?

The soothing "Kotori Cafe" - you'll definitely consider yourself a bird-lover by the end of your visit.

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