Harry Potter fan spends £13,000 giving her home a Hogwarts makeover


(Worldkings) Ever fancied living in a magical fantasy world? If so, why not take a leaf out of this woman’s book and transform part of your house into a mini-Hogwarts?

Charlotte Kyriakou from Shrewesbury was so impressed by a visit to Harry Potter Warner Bros studios she decided to embark on an ambitious project to transform her dining room into a scaled-down version of the Hogwarts dining hall – complete with wooden panelling, replica Hedwig, and a few original props from the Harry Potter movie series.


Mrs Kyriakou says her family - Andrew, 39, Kyriacos, 6, Maximus, 4, and Eleni Kyriakou, 3 – all love their Potter-themed dining room. “We’re all pretty obsessed with Harry Potter as a family,” she says. “We went down to London to go to the studios, and we thought ‘Why can’t we do this at home?‘"


The project took 18 months to complete, and cost £13,000 in total – including £4,000 on the limestone floor, £2,000 for a log burner, £80 on wands and £60 on flags.

“My husband did the wooden panels himself, and then ever since we decided we wanted to do it we have been collecting odd bits and bobs from antique shops,” Charlotte said. “We have a lot of replica props and two original props from the films.


 “We have one of the letters thrown through the fire place which we bought from a dealer, which cost us about £200. We also have a witch in a jar which was from Professor Lupin’s office in the third film. That cost £350.”


While the room can’t fit quite as many as the dining hall in the Potter films and books, in December they managed to squeeze 22 people in for a fantastical Christmas dinner.

Pham Duy Nghia -Source: Telegraph


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