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( There are a number of records from some member organizations of WorldKings.

1. Largest Coffee Drinking Event - Malaysia Book of Records



2. Largest Logo Made Of Lighted Plastic Bottles - Rivervale Court residents had the opportunity to foster friendships as they came together to work on some recycling projects. In one project they turned 802 used plastic bottles into an illuminated Punggol East logo by placing a lightstick in each bottle. The 4.9m by 6.1m logo was set up at Block 110 Rivervale Walk on 15 Apr 2017, organised by the RC. (Singapore Book of Records)



3. Most Tourist & Expenditure by CountrySouth Korea leads the largest group of tourists to the Philippines with 1,475,081 arrivals in 2016. It is also the top spending market with receipts amounting to almost Php 6.5 billion. Australia registered the highest per capita expenditure with the average tourist spending Php 56,995.98 while in the country. (Philippines Book of Records)



4. Most veterinary surgeons involved in one operation - Back in 1999, 30 veterinarians operated on an elephant, Motola, in Lampang after she stepped on a land mine in Myanmar. Over 30 vets worked together to operate on the 38-year-old cow elephant at the Hang Chat Elephant Hospital in August 1999. According to reports, she was given enough anesthetic to knock out 70 people. (Thailand Book of Records)



5. Largest Cup of Coffee - The cup was made of inox with 1.53m in height, 1.2 tons in weight, 2.34m in diameter and can contains amount of coffee for 30,000 normal cups. (Vietnam Book of Records)




Claire Huynh - WORLDKINGS (Source of photos: Internet)


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