World’s smallest mobile nightclub opens in Rotherham


(WorldKings) A unique new dance venue recently opened its doors at the Rotherham Carnival in the UK.

Measuring just 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in) high, 0.92 m (3 ft) wide and 1.53 m (5 ft) deep, “Club 28” is the world's Smallest mobile nightclub.
Built from solid wood with a black felt pent roof, it has a maximum capacity of six partygoers and one DJ.
In their Guinness World Records title application, Gerard, Creative Director at Enter Media UK, wrote: “We decided to break the record as part of bringing something fun and different to Rotherham. The town has suffered from a lot of negativity in recent years so we are actively looking at ways to improve the ‘good feeling’ in the area and improve arts and culture whilst engaging local people.”

The venue contains a professional quality sound system with two turntables, a usable dance floor, dynamic lighting and has door staff outside.
In order to achieve the record, the club had to be open to the general public and charge an admission fee – which was 50 pence per person at the Rotherham Carnival.
Two DJs headlined at the minuscule venue during the carnival, entertaining guests with a mixture of house and chart music.
Since the record attempt, the exterior of what Gerard calls a ‘revamped musical shed’, has been redesigned by street artist Marcus Method.


Gerard was thrilled to achieve the record: “It’s amazing to get a world record and definitely a tick off the bucket list. My mum has bought be a Guinness Book of Records every year since I was a kid and still does now even though I am 31 so I suppose I have to thank her for my inspiration."
No doubt he celebrated by sipping on a glass of bubbly in his record-breaking nightclub.
“It’s a bit of fun and brings a smile to the faces of people who see it and dance in it,” he said.
Previously the world's smallest nightclub was "Rumours", a box measuring 2.10 m (6 ft 8 in) high, 1.17 m (3 ft 10 in) wide and 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) deep. It was created by Deborah Borrett and Lisa Williams (both UK) and was presented at the Liverpool Bold Street Festival in Liverpool, UK, on 26 September 2010.


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