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(worldkings.org) The Rosenbauer RT, the first electric fire truck, had been introduced in Berlin, Amsterdam and Dubai in 2021. On May 19th, 2022, World Records Union (WorldKings) officially declared Rosenbauer Group as “World’s first company to build electric fire truck”.

Based on the world record nomination from Europe Records Institute (EURI) and Decision No. WK/USA.INDIA/849/2022/No.305, World Records Union (WorldKings) officially recognizes Rosenbauer Group as World’s first company to build electric fire truck on May 19th, 2022.

The Rosenbauer Group is one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of fire-service vehicles and firefighting equipment, based in Leonding, Austria.

Rosenbauer supplies the firefighting sector in over 100 countries with a wide range of custom fire and rescue apparatus and services. It produces its extensive series of fire fighting vehicles and aerials in three continents, to both European and US standards.

The first Austria-wide firefighting enterprise was founded by Johann Rosenbauer in Linz in 1866. Beside manual fire pumps from different manufacturers, helmets, buttons and so on, the company was also selling equipment for fencing, sports and playgrounds. Konrad Rosenbauer took over the company in 1888, a turning point from which it would manufacture its own fire extinguishing equipment.

The Rosenbauer RT, for Revolutionary Technology, was an electric vehicle built in 2014 in Austria as a concept model. As of 2021, the electric trucks had been introduced in Berlin, Amsterdam and Dubai. Vice president of sales and marketing Mark Fusco said the company would start building them at its Minnesota plant in 2023. The BMW diesel engine was used only to charge the batteries. The truck was closer to the ground, making it safer and easier for firefighters to enter and exit; though a hydraulic suspension could lift the truck if that was needed.

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