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(worldkings.org) In a 24 March 1896 demonstration, he transmitted radio signals 250 meters between different campus buildings in St. Petersburg. His work was based on that of another physicist – Oliver Lodge, and contemporaneous with the work of Guglielmo Marconi. On March 24th, 2022, World Records Union (WorldKings) officially declared Alexander Stepanovich Popov as “World’s first persons to invent a radio receiving device”.

Based on the world record nomination from Europe Records Institute (EURI) and Decision No. WK/USA.INDIA/825/2022/No.281, World Records Union (WorldKings) officially declared Alexander Stepanovich Popov as on March 24th, 2022.

Alexander Stepanovich Popov was a Russian physicist, who was one of the first persons to invent a radio receiving device.

Born in the town of Krasnoturinsk, Sverdlovsk Oblast in the Urals as the son of a priest, he became interested in natural sciences when he was a child. His father wanted Alexander to join the priesthood and sent him to the Seminary School at Yekaterinburg.

On 7 May 1895, Popov presented the paper "On the Relation of Metallic Powders to Electric Oscillations", which described his lightning detector, to the Russian Physical and Chemical Society in St. Petersburg. Most Eastern sources regard Popov's lightning detector as the first radio receiver, and 7 May has been celebrated since 1945 in the Russian Federation as "Radio Day". However, there is no evidence Popov sent any type of message on that occasion. The first account of communication by Popov was a demonstration on 24 March 1896 at the Physical and Chemical Society, when some accounts say the Morse code message "ГЕНРИХ ГЕРЦ" ("HEINRICH HERTZ" in Russian) was received from a transmitter 250 meters away and transcribed on the blackboard by the Society president.

In 1945 on the 50th anniversary of Popov's experiment the old Soviet Union made 7 May a new holiday, Radio Day, the day they claim Popov invented radio. Radio Day is still officially marked in Russia and Bulgaria.


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