The scientist Hoang Duc Thao and the BUSADCO company honored to receive World Record in Science & Technology field


( On January 9, 2021 in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, Vietnam, the Vietnam Science and Technology Joint Stock Company (BUSADCO) and the hero of labor – scientist Hoang Duc Thao has received the World Record in the field of science and technology.

Hero of labor, scientist Hoang Duc Thao (1960) was born in Thai Binh province, northern Vietnam. As the chairman and General Director of Vietnam Science and Technology Joint Stock Company – BUSADCO, Mr Thao is a businessman that having the passion with research and creativity. He’s also named as “king of invention” in Vietnam.


The scientist, Busadco's Chairman and General Director - Hoang Duc Thao


Currently, Mr.Hoang Duc Thao has 102 valid Patents of Invention & Utility Solution and 223 Industrial Design Patents, 04 National Records and 17 International Awards for scientific and technological innovation from researching, experiencing and practicing results in practice to serve the community and society’s common interests.

In addition to his dedication to science, entrepreneur Hoang Duc Thao also has made great contributions to the synchronous development of the urban and rural technical infrastructure system, environmental protection, natural disaster prevention and response with climate change in Vietnam.



Based on the proposal of Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings), the scientist Hoang Duc Thao has been officially recognized by WorldKings as being the scientist holding the world’s highest number of Intellectual Property patents in researching, applied practical results synchronously by creating solutions, coordinating construction, and operating products. His creation of scientific and technological activities in a closed cycle has been utilized in urban and rural technical infrastructure systems. This has helped serve the people, protect environment, prevent calamities, cope with climate change.


Mr. Duong Duy Lam Vien - General Secretary, Director of Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) announced the Authorization Letter of WorldKings for awarding World Record Certificate to Mr. Hoang Duc Thao and BUSADCO.


Dr. Le Doan Hop (rightmost), Former Minister of Information and Communication, Chairman of VietKings Record Establishment Council and Dr. Thang Van Phuc (leftmost), Former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Chairman of Vietnam Record Association awarded World Record to Mr.Hoang Duc Thao


Beside the awarding record for the scientist Hoang Duc Thao, the collective of Vietnam Science and Technology Joint Stock Company (BUSADCO) was also honored to receive the World Records.

By October 2020, BUSADCO has created 70 products which were formed from the company’s scientific and technological results, obtained 102 Patents for Intellectual Property and Utility Solution, 223 Industrial Design Patents, 17 International Awards for scientific and technological innovation. In addition, BUSADCO has signed 1.830 contracts with partners to utilized scientific and technological products for projects and works.


Dr. Le Doan Hop and Dr. Thang Van Phuc awarded the World Record Certificate to representatives of Busadco


BUSADCO has been set up the World Record for being the enterprise that has researched, applied practical results synchronously, created closed cycle from researching to producing scientific and technological products with the most quantity in the world. These products have been utilized in urban and rural technical infrastructure systems, serving the people, protecting environment, preventing calamities, coping with climate change.



Kimmy (Editor) - World Records Union (WorldKings)

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