Record holder Vo Thi Kim Hoang (Nam Huong) - The owner of the most diverse collection collected over 53 years from many countries around the world.


( On the morning of December 20, 2020 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with the authorization of the World Records Union Council (WorldKings), leaders of the Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) awarded world record certificate to record holder Vo Thi Kim Hoang (Nam Huong) with the title of “The woman who owns the most diverse collection (13 categories) collected during 53 years from many countries around the world".

After more than half a century of collecting items from more than 100 countries in all 5 continents, Mrs. Vo Thi Kim Hoang (Nam Huong) (born in 1948) now owns dozens of personal collections (13 different collections) such as clothes, shoes, bags, belts, watches ... from popular brands to high-class brands, originating nationally and internationally.

The multi-category collection that has been collected by Record holder Vo Thi Kim Hoang during the course of 53 years includes:


1. Wristwatch collection:

The wristwatch collection has been collected by Mrs. Vo Thi Kim Hoang for over 53 years from over 100 countries around the world comprises many brands, from classy as Patek Philippe, Rolex ... to other popular brands. The collection currently has 5273 different items.


2. PATEK PHILIPPE Watch Collection:

Patek Philippe is one of the Swiss luxury watch brands, owning a Patek Philippe watch is a pride to every fashionista. Because not only is it expensive, but Patek Philippe is also very special and not everyone with money can buy it. In Mrs. Kim Hoang's Collection of wristwatches, there are not just one but nine precious Patek Philippe watches that she has been collecting for more than half a century.


3. Teapot collection:

The teapot collection was collected by Mrs. Kim Hoang around 1963 to present day with many different designs, patterns in countries such as England, Russia, Germany, Denmark ... The collection includes 1050 different teapots.


4. Women's shoes collection:

This collection is made up of 3028 different pairs of shoes that Mrs. Kim Hoang collected from the United State of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan ...


5. Umbrella collection:

Over 53 years of searching and collecting, Mrs. Kim Hoang's umbrella collection reached 1270 different units and originated from many countries around the world.

6. Women's fashion clothing collection:

Another category of the record holding diverse collection is the women's fashion clothing collection that consisted of many countries’s traditional costumes such as Chinese Cheongsam, Japanese Kimono ... The total number is 3036 outfits.


7. The unique Record

The unique set of handmade terracotta Censer and Lamp originated from 19th century, the two lamp weigh 5,5kg and 57cm tall while the censer weigh 30kg and 81 centimeter tall.


8. Women’s belt collection

Mrs. Kim Hoang has 2016 different belts in her collection, they originated from many countries such as Thailand, Arab, Egypt, Korea ...


9. Handbag collection

They are handbags collected by Mrs. Nam Huong from overseas trips from the early 60s of the 20th century to the early 21st century. Currently, the collection has 4012 different bags with many sizes and shapes, from popular brands to high-end brands.


10. Scarves collection

Her scarves collection currently has a number of 5273 pieces, all different from each other. She has been diligently collecting them from countries such as Mexico, China, and Saudi Arabia ... to match the great collection of outfits that was mentioned above.


11. Jewelry and gem collection

The current number of gold and gemstone jewelry in Mrs. Kim Hoang's collection is 1836 in total.

12. Ancient ceramics collection

This collection includes 9,940 artifacts collected from 1965 to present day.


13. Stamp collection

The 4225 stamps were collected by Mrs. Kim Hoang during her trips through 134 countries and regions, there are several precious stamps that over 100 years of age.

At the age of nearly 80, Mrs. Kim Hoang has traveled to over 101 countries in all 5 continents and realize her passion for collecting.

Dr. Le Doan Hop - Former Minister of Information and Communications, Member of WorldKings Council and Dr. Thang Van Phuc, Former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Chairman of Vietnam Record Association, Member of WorldKings Council awarded the World Record to Mrs. Vo Thi Kim Hoang. Photo source: VietKings


With a huge and diverse number of artifacts, she currently cherishes the idea of building a Private Museum to serve the public's need to learn about art history, fashion ... through the artifacts.

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