Record holder Hoang Tuan Long – The first person to create and build replicas of iconic buildings using toothpicks and lasers technique called BOARC


( On December 20, 2020, World Records Union – WorldKings officially awarded World Record certificate to Architect/Record holder Hoang Tuan Long for his miniature models of world-renowned buildings by using toothpicks and lasers cutting technique on Acrylic sheets called BOARC at The 41th Meeting of Vietnam Record Holders taken place in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Architect Hoang Tuan Long (born in 1974) graduated with a Master’s degree from the architecture department of Belarusian National Technical University. He is the first one to create and build replicas of iconic buildings using toothpicks and lasers technique called BOARC.

He initiated this kind of unique art in 2015. BOARC is a delicate mixture of traditional and modern art that represents toothpicks’ slender but sustainable nature, which makes his miniature models extremely appealing.

Since 2015, Architect Hoang Tuan Long has continuously investigated, designed and built up several replicas of iconic buildings such as One Pillar Pagoda – Vietnam, Capitol Building – United States, Big Ben clock tower – England… Each of his masterpieces always meets both aesthetic and sustainable standards.

One of tthe iconic buildings are represented by BOARC

Since 2016, his unique works with bamboo toothpicks have been continuously displayed at prestigious domestic and international exhibitions, such as Usa, Dubai, Germany, England, Singapore, Thailand ... His works are praised for his creativity, meticulousness to every detail and attract a large number of visitors each year.

The highlight of his works is the US Congressional House which is made of 250,000 toothpicks with more than 750,000 boreholes and seven months of construction. This work has been selected for display at the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum in the US ( a chain with more than 30 museums in the world). At the exhibition of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Ripley held in Dubai - UAE (Middle East), this work was honored to be displayed with many famous artifacts.

Until now, this has become the most unique art form in the world.



Dr. Le Doan Hop – Former Minister of the Information and Communications,
a member of WorldKings Council and Dr. Thang Van Phuc - Chairman of Vietnam Record Association, a member of WorldKings Council 
awarded the World Record certificate and trophy to Record holder Hoang Tuan Long.(Source: Vietkings).


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