[WORLDKINGS DISCOVERY] Record Nominations – P23. Cargill (United States) : The world’s largest private company produces and distributes agricultural products in term of revenue.


(WorldKings.org) Cargill is the largest privately owned company in the world by revenue. This company primarily focuses on distributing and trading grain, palm oil, and other agricultural commodities throughout 70 different countries.

Cargill reports revenues of $114.695 billion and earnings of $3.103 billion in 2018. Employing over 166,000 employees in 70 countries, it is responsible for 25% of all United States grain exports. The company also supplies about 22% of the US domestic meat market, importing more product from Argentina than any other company, and is the largest poultry producer in Thailand.



One of many Cargill's factory in the world


Cargill robot moves cattle herds


Since its founding in 1865 by William W. Cargill, the company has maintained its status as a private company mainly owned by family heirs. Mr.Cargill had two children, a son, Austen and daughter, Edna, who married a business partner of her father’s, John MacMillan. As of November 2015, more than 100 family members own 85% of Cargill shares. In the early days, the company allowed the family to have total control of Cargill. Over time, it has diversified away from family management. The year 1960 marked the first time a nonfamily member became the CEO of Cargill. The 17-member board of directors only has six family members, with the rest coming from other company directors and outside personnel.




Mr.David MacLennan - Cargill chairman


In the future, Cargill plans to shed some of its poorly performing companies and focus on its more profitable lines of business such as:

Cargill Cotton buys cotton throughout the world and has over 1,000 employees. Through partnerships with other Cargill businesses, Cargill Cotton provides a wide variety of supply chain support such as financial solutions, risk management, quality control, and logistics.



Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Cargill’s Ocean Transportation has multiple locations worldwide and has a fleet of hundreds of vessels transporting hundreds of millions of tons of cargo per year. The company makes thousands of port calls annually to over 700 different ports around the world.



Cargill’s Cocoa and Chocolate company operates along the entire cocoa supply chain, with sourcing and processing operations in the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Brazil, Cameroon, and Indonesia. The company produces a wide variety of cocoa and chocolate products in Europe, North America and Brazil under the Wilbur, Peter's and Veliche brand names. Cargill also provides products used by food companies around the world.



Cargill cocoa and chocolate factory in Indonesia


Developed jointly with the Coca-Cola Company, Truvia is a zero-calorie stevia-based sugar substitute marketed by Cargill as a tabletop sweetener and a food ingredient. Because Truvia comes from the stevia plant, Cargill classifies the product as a natural sweetener. Coca-Cola uses stevia in its Coca-Cola Life line of beverages. Cargill also developed a new zero-calorie product in 2015 that it calls EverSweet, using a new fermentation process that produces certain molecules in the stevia plant. 


One of Cargrill factory produce EverSweet, a new sugar substitute


According to Largest.org and Investopedia

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