[WORLDKINGS DISCOVERY] Record Nominations – P21. Malappuram district (South India): Where has the world’s oldest teak planation and the world’s first teak museum.


(WorldKings.org) Located 2 km from Nilambur town in Malappuram district is the oldest teak plantation in the world. Formed in the 1840's, it is spread across a huge area of 2.31 hectares.

Nilambur teak is famous for its superior quality, grandeur, durability, stability and aesthetic appearance. Britishers, who realised the worth of this precious timber tree of India, exported many from the Nilambur forest during their rule. Many trees were felled and exported by agencies to build ships for British Navy. This caused massive destruction of Nilambur teak. Later, the felling of teak wood below 21" girth was prohibited by way of legislation by Bengal Bombay Joint Commission. In 2017, Nilambur teak became the first forest produce of the country to have received a GI tag (Geographical indication), which is a name or sign used on certain products which corresponds to a specific geographical location or origin.




The plantation is named in honor of Mr.H.V. Conolly, the then Collector of Malabar during the British rule who was instrumental in planting teak in the entire Nilambur area with the help of Shri Chanthu Menon, a forest officer under him. The plot extends across 2.31 hectares beside the Chaliyar river at Aruvakode, where a country boat ferries visitors across. This plantation was done about 150 years ago, around the year 1842 -1844 and was thus known as the world's first teak plantation.



The entry fees to see the 172 year old teak trees is INR 25. The tarred road midst of shaded trees will take visitors to the banks of River Chaliyar. The plot is 300m away from the entrance, 146m of which is a hanging bridge. Before the construction of the bridge, the visitors were taken across the Chaliyar in small boats. The view of the river rushing to the Arabian sea, from the bridge is breathtaking.



Kannimara teak is the biggest living teak tree not only in India but also in the world, located in Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary in the district of Palghat, Kerala. It is 47.5 m tall with a girth of 642 cm. It is located at a distance of 80kms from Nilambur.


Kannimara teak



Four kilometres away from the town, on the Nilambur - Gudallur roadside stands the world's first Teak Museum. In the Teak Museum, a visitor can have a first hand information on all aspects of teak. Established by the Kerala Forest Research Institute in collaboration with the Kerala Forest Department, it is thematic museum housing historical, cultural and aesthetic and scientific aspects of teak, all under one roof, arranged in the two storied building.



A collection of bamboo trees on the way to the museum imparts a special beauty to the place. The carved teak door at the entrance of the museum has a painting of the oldest living teak tree, the Kannimara teak. Among the several exhibits displayed, the root system of a mature teak tree is perhaps the most interesting of all.





Paintings on the walls remind one of the early histories of teak planting. The miniature model of an antique sailing vessel made of teak wood and a painting of a sailing ship are the other attractions. Logs of a 116-year-old tree have also been preserved. A world literature on teak is available in the library.



According to Nilambur.com and tripoto.com

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