[WORLDKINGS DISCOVER] P6. One Central Park ( Sydney, Australia): The World’s tallest vertical garden.


(WorldKings.org) One Central Park residential tower in Sydney feature the world's tallest green wall by botanist Patrick Blanc and the architects Ateliers Jean Nouvel.

Built by Australian construction, civil and mining company Watpac, One Central Park is a two-tower complex that forms part of the larger Central Park precinct.  The Central Park precinct, which is located on just less than six hectares of land, was designed to allow for the development of approximately 235.000 square metres of residential, commercial and retail space. 



When measured from the base of the building to its highest point, One Central Park has a height of 117 metres. The gross floor area of the total development is recorded at 255.500 m2. The tallest tower features a large cantilever that contains 38 luxury penthouse apartments. At the foot of the towers is a naturally lit six level retail area, which incorporates a variety of fashion, technology, casual dining, restaurants and entertainment outlets.  


view from the outside food court dining area


Inside the penthouse in One Central Park


View from the outside food court dining area 


One Central Park’s vertical gardens were inspired by the collaboration of French botanist Patrick Blanc and the architects Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Over 35.000 green wall plants were utilised within which 350 different species were selected for the green walls alone. The building houses 23 green walls, equating to a total area of  1.200m2.  The vertical garden consists of 190 native Australian and 160 exotic plant species. The shrubbery covers 50 percent of the building's facade and according to the designers intends to extend the greenery from the adjacent park onto the building.


The green wall of One Central Park



Central Park’s cantilevered heliostat figures as another defining feature of the building. Suspended from the 28th floor of One Central Park’s east tower, it serves not only as a predominant design element to the building but as a way of reflecting light to the gardens and atrium below. It operates through a series of motorised mirrors that are positioned 100 metres below the cantilever on the rooftop of the west tower. Daylight is automatically tracked from these mirrors and the light is reflected up to the cantilever. 220 fixed reflecting panels are positioned across the underbelly of the cantilever and are able to then bounce light throughout the retail atrium, pedestrian corridor, pool terrace and communal areas. On the upper side of the cantilever a sky garden has been erected. At night the cantilever is transformed into an LED light display through the work of international lighting artist Yann Kersalé.


 Mirrors of One Central Park




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