World Record for 24 uninterrupted Kungfu acts in the shortest time


( Nguyen Quang Hien is Vietnam, Indochina and Asia Record Holder with fantastic Kung Fu performance. At the 2nd Meeting of World Record Holder - 2018 took place on August 26, 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, the record holder Quang Hien brought a very impressive and adventurous Kung Fu performance.

Record Holder Quang Hien continued to have unique performances with 24 items Kung-fu consortium in 305 seconds with Wishing to enroll in the World Record.

24 uninterrupted Kungfu acts were performed in 305 seconds by Nguyen Quang Hien , including :

1. Beat arms with a stick

2. Beat legs with a stick

3. Beat ribs with a stick

4. Beat the back with

5. Beat the head with a stick

6. Curve an iron bar and restore it after that

7.Fracture a cast iron bar into double chunks

8. Fracture two cast irons into 4 chunks in once

9. Hang two inox balls with eyelids

10. Pull a pedicab which carries 3 people with eyelids

11. Stab the belly, shoulder, eyes with 8 lances until curving them and put a large rock on the back, after that breaking it with a large hammer

12. Stab the belly with a vertical spear and rotate 5 rounds in the air

13. Stab the pharynx with a vertical spear and put a large rock on the back, after that breaking it and then rotate 3 rounds in the air

14. Stab the phrynx with a 60cm iron stick until curving it

15. Drill into the throat with a drilling-machine

16. Drill into the belly with a drilling-machine

17. Drill into a hand with a drilling-machine

18. Drill into the head top with a drilling-machine

19. Push a 16-seat vehicle with head

20. Push the 16-seat vihicle with a spear

World Record Holder Nguyen Quang Hien (first person from left to right) receive World Record Certificate

21. Lie on a spike-board and put a large rock which pressed bu 5 people, after that breaking the rock with large hammer

22. Break durian with hands

23. Break fresh coconut with elbows

24. Ouncture beer can with a finger

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