[WORLD DISCOVERY] Record Nominations - P17 MUROJI (JAPAN): The oldest Japanese Soy-souce Brewery in the world.


(WorldKings.org) Muroji was founded in 1573 is the world’s oldest Japanese soy sauce maker

Their business of brewing soy sauce was started in 1573 as under a name, Muroya in Fukui. The founder, Giuemon Muroya (Junai Uchida) was then under 10 years of age. This area was an important transportation hub, where two ancient major roads of Hokuriku kaido and Mikuni kaido met. There were clean water supply systems  which were later called Shibahara Watercourse in the area, and thus it was the best place for brewing.


Fukui city


Zizaemon, the fourth head of the Muroya family, learned the newest brewing method of those days from a far-off breweries in Kishu-Yuasacho, Wakayama prefecture. The new method enabled mass production. He changed brewing facilities for sake and started a full-scale mass production of soy sauce and founded “Muroji” (a new name of the store) as a brewery specialized in soy sauce.

Since then, Muroji was able to make a large amount of inexpensive soy sauce, leading to providing soy sauce for the common people.


Soy- sauce products of Muroji


Umasho, a no-additive and less sodium soy sauce


March 2012, Muroji collaborated with Fukui Prefectural University to develop “Umasho”, low sodium soy sauce with odorless fish sauce made from fermented salted fish, for the first time in Japan.

March 2014, Muroji have developed “Fukumurasaki”, which has an alcoholic content of 0% (Soy sauce conventionally contains about 3% of alcohol), for the first time in the world.

January 2015, They started selling “Ryoma”, naturally brewed soy sauce for customers with strong preferrance.


Ryoma soy sauce



Muroji Golden salt, new product of Muroji

According to Muroji.com

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