[RECORD NOMINATION] Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – P3. The Tsuruoka Municipal Kamo Aquarium (Japan): The Aquarium has the largest collection of jellyfish in Asia.


(WorldKings.org) The exhibits at the Tsuruoka Municipal Kamo Aquarium in Yamagata Prefecture feature over 50 jellyfish species, making this one of the world’s leading facilities for learning about these creatures.

The Tsuruoka Municipal Kamo Aquarium, known familiarly name as the “ Kurage Museum”, in the Shōnaihama district of Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture, is an aquarium regularly exhibiting over 50 species of jellyfish. Known in Japanese as kurage, these creatures are notoriously difficult to raise in artificial surroundings. 




The Kura-netarium (a portmanteau word combining kurage and planetarium) offers visitors walking through a dim corridor a view of jellyfish from all parts of the world, floating in the dark like stars against the night sky.



Unusual species on display include the flower hat jelly (Olindias formosus), with fluorescent yellow and pink tentacles, the halo-encasing Parumbrosa polylobata, which lives at ocean depths of over 100 meters, the lion’s mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata), one of the world’s largest species, and the Turritopsis dohrnii, also called the “immortal” jellyfish for its ability to revert to the polyp stage and regenerate its cells for a new lease on life. 






The Kurage Dream Theater is the highlight of the Kura-netarium. This attraction features thousands of Aurelia aurita, the common or moon jellyfish, floating in a huge tank 5 meters in diameter.




The Kamo Aquarium does not simply display the jellyfish in its collection; it also breeds them. The “All About Jellyfish” display in the Kura-netarium explains how jellyfish develop and grow. Aquarium staff also give presentations four times a day to explain how jellyfish feed and to describe their life stages. Other attractions include displays of freshwater fish native to the rivers and ponds of the Shōnai region, along with sea lions showing off their splashy jumps.

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