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(WorldKings.org) The Fântânele-Cogealac Wind Farm is the largest onshore wind farm in Romania and Europe.

The project was first envisioned by United States developer Continental Wind Partners, a renewable energy partnership backed by private equity fund Good Energies Investments. In 2008 Continental Wind Partners agreed to sell the 600 MW wind farm project to the Czech energy utility ČEZ Group. 



Planning permission was granted in 2007 and construction began in September 2008, with the first turbine being erected by August 2009. The first stage of the project, the Fântânele  farm, was finished in December 2010 with the erection of 139 turbines. The second phase of the project involved the construction of another 101 wind turbines erected in Cogealac and has a nominal power output of 252.5 MW and was completed in November 2012. The Cogealac wind farm involves capital investment of around €500 million.




The wind farm occupies 1,100 hectares (2,700 acres) of open field, 600 hectares (1,500 acres) in Fântânele and 500 hectares (1,200 acres) in Cogealac communes The wind farm is north of Constanta, 17 kilometres (11 mi) west from the shore of the Black Sea. The entire project required a capital investment of approximately €1.1 billion. Fântânele-Cogealac wind farm is the largest onshore wind farm in Europe.  The wind farm accounted for 10% of the total green energy  production in Romania.



For the connection of the individual turbines and the transportation of electricity. 150 kilometres (93 mi) of cables were laid CEZ also built four electric power transformation substations that are used to increase the coltage from 33kV to 110 kV and one main transformation station used to further increase the voltage to 400 kV so it can be suitable for use by Transelectrica, the national electric power transmission company of Romania. 



For the construction of the 137 kilometres (85 mi) of roads 950,000 tonnes of crushed rock was used, and for the construction of a single wind turbine foundation 40 tonnes of rebar and 400 cubic metres of concrete were used as well as 105 pilings used to stabilise the structure driven into the earth at depths of up to 24 metres (79 ft). All of the infrastructure from the site was designed and constructed by a joint venture Viarom Construct SA -roads and concrete foundations- and Energobit SA -electric cabling and electric substations.



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