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(WorldKings.org) The National Dinosaur Museum is Australia's largest permanent display of prehistoric specimens, located in Gold Creek Village.

The museum's exhibition follows the evolution of life, with a particular focus on dinosaurs. With an annual patronage of 100,000 visitors, the museum is one of the most popular attractions in the Australian Capital Territory.The gift shop stocks a range of natural history books, dinosaur replicas, toys, fossils, crystals, minerals and meteorites.



Established in 1993, the museum has been steadily improved and updated since its conception. It offers earth science dinosaur oriented displays that keep up with most recent discoveries in the geological sciences. Major upgrades have taken place in April and May 2012 with the addition of twelve animatronic dinosaurs as well as an extensive collection of life size models displayed both within and outside the museum.



Inside, some of the collection highlights include an Apatosaurus tibia bone — an authentic 150-million-year-old shin bone that visitors can actually touch. There’s also the head of a Kunbarrasaurus — this was the most complete Australian dinosaur ever discovered (back in 1989 in Richmond area, QLD), a giant Stegodon skeleton, and an authentic mammoth tusk. A new addition to the museum is the virtual reality installation, where users can come face-to-face with dinosaurs and direct their movements.





Aside from dinosaurs, the museum also features many prehistoric remnants. They cover the history of life on this planet with fossils from 700-million-year-old marine fauna, through to fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. There’s also two meteorites that visitors can touch, and a huge collection of stunning crystals.




The museum caters for guided tours for school groups of all ages by appointment, as well as hosting birthday parties, dance with dinosaurs events for young children, private parties, corporate functions and dinosaur sleep overs during school holiday periods. New displays of Australian dinosaurs, earth sciences including meteorites, fluorescent mineral displays were added over 2012 and 2013.



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