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(WorldKings.org) Sudo Honke is a Japanese manufacturer of sake based in Obara. It is the oldest sake brewery in Asia and one of the oldest companies in the world.

Established in 1141 AD, Sudo Honke is presently the oldest kura still actively brewing in all of Japan. The current president is the 55th generation president of Sudo Honke. The brewing philosophy of Sudo Honke is simple, clean, and natural. 



Mr. Gen - Uemon is the 55th generation president of Sudo Honke


The sake of Sudo Honke are highly recognized internationally, receiving many accolades including trophies from the International Wine Challenge held in London. In addition, their sake (Kakunko) was selected to be served during the 2016 G7 Ise-shima Summit in Mie Prefecture, which is rare because usually, only local products from the host prefecture are chosen. 




Sake, is made from rice, produced with techniques honed over 800 years. Good rice comes from good soil. Good soil comes from fresh and high-quality water. Such water comes from protecting our trees. Protecting the natural environment makes excellent sake.  Most of Sudo Honke’s  sake has a wonderful fragrance, and a truly memorable "fukumi-ka," or a secondary fragrance that arises from within your mouth as you sip. All of Sudo Honke’s sake is of the absolute highest quality, ultra-premium sake brewed with extreme care and effort, from only the finest rice and water.



Sudo Honke is very small, brewing only 800 "koku" a year. As one koku (the traditional measure of sake in Japan) is 180 liters, only 144 kiloliters is brewed here each year, in the traditional brewing season which runs from late October to early April. This controlled volume allows Sudo Honke to put hand-made care into all its special junmai nama sakes.



Sudo Honke dedicates itself to nature and the environment, to ensure the quality of ingredients needed for good sake. It is not surprising that there are trees of more than hundreds of years old surrounding the brewery, and wells directly connected to the brewery to draw water. To maintain the same quality in ingredients, they have not moved even once during the span of 876 years. 



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