[RECORD NOMINATION] Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – P22. The Tuoketuo power station (China): The largest coal-fired power station in Asia.


(WorldKings.org) The Tuoketuo Power Station is located in Togtoh County, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China. It is the largest coal – fired power station in Asia.

The Tuoketuo Power Station is located in Togtoh County, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China.The plant was commissioned in November 1995 by the Tuoketuo Power Company, which currently owns and operates the power station. The Tuoketuo Power Company is currently owned by three separate companies: Datang Power: 60%; Beijing Power: 25%; Huaneng Thermal Power: 15%.



The units of the facility were commissioned in six separate phases, each phase consisting of two units, rated at 600 MW each, all of which run on coal. The 1st and 2nd units were commissioned in June and July 2003, the 3rd and 4th units were commissioned in July and September 2004, the 5th and 6th units were commissioned in September and November 2005, the 7th and 8th units were commissioned in June 2006 and 9th and 10th units were commissioned in 2011.Two more 660 MW ultra-supercritical units were commissioned in 2017.



All of the generated power is delivered to Beijing via 500-kV transmission lines. Two additional units of 300 MW each were also commissioned, of which the generated power is used for the operations of the power plant itself, and not used or delivered outside the facility. With the addition of the final stage, it became the largest thermal power station in Asia.



The interval of 50 days between the commissioning of the two units of Phase I set a new record of the shortest construction time among comparable units in the North China region. The power plant exploits coal from the Junggar Coalfield approximately 50 km (31 mi) away, and meets its water requirements by pumping its needs from the Yellow River, located 12 km (7 mi) away.



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