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(WorldKings.org) The May Museum is located at the base of Rocky Mountains in between Colorado Springs and Canon City, United States. The house of the largest private insect collection in America.

Unlike some modern insect museums, which are padded with 4-D theaters and edutainment displays, the May Museum is nothing but bugs, case after case of them, presented much as they were when John May opened the place in 1952.





No magnifying glass is needed to view the stars of the May Museum. Perhaps John May wanted to convey the horror of waking in the jungle with a tarantula the size of a doughnut on his face. There are foot-and-a-half long New Guinea stick insects; Indian moths with ten-inch wingspans; beetles so massive that they "can break street lights and knock a man down if they hit him while flying," according to their exhibit. All are displayed old-style, crucified to boards with a pin through the gut.




"They probably could last forever as long as we keep them dry," said Lynda Senko, who runs the May Natural History Museum of the Tropics along with members of her family. The exotic bugs - over 100,000 by her guess - were collected by her father and grandfather, John and James May, amateur naturalists.





With over 7000 insect species, the museum have everything from giant tropical insects and spiders to thousands of colorful butterflies and moths. It is home to squishy beetles, gigantic spiders and deadly scorpions, all perfectly preserved. Families and school groups have been visiting The May natuaral history museum for decades.



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