(AMRI) Journey to promote Records in Americas - P11 - Crystal Lagoon (Chile): The largest crystalline lagoon in Americas


(worldkings.org) Located on the coast of Chile, in Algarrobo, the pristine waters of the lagoon span over half a mile and 20 acres in total. These dimensions made it the World Record for being the largest crystalline lagoon on the planet, until 2015, when another Crystal Lagoons amenity in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt, was inaugurated. To date, this latest development has maintained the world record.



A private resort located in Chile’s beautiful city Algarrobo has the world’s largest swimming pool. San Alfonso del Mar resort’s magnificent swimming pool was constructed by Chile-based business house Crystal Lagoons back in 2006. This unique and beautiful pool is not only highly adored for its large structure but also for some interesting facts connected with it.

The 1-kilometer long pool is spread in 7.7 hectares and has a depth of 35 meters. This one pool is equal to 20 Olympic pools combined together. It took around 5 years to construct this lagoon and make it people friendly. The annual maintenance cost of the pool is around 4 million dollars.

Chile’s most famous pool has around 66 million gallons of water that come directly from the Pacific Ocean and has a beautiful tortoise blue color.

According to lapolo.in. Source of photo: internet 

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