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( The world's very first plastic road was installed in September 2018 in the Dutch city of Zwolle.

Koninklijke VolkerWessels B.V. is a major European construction services business with Dutch-based headquarters. It is owned by the Wessels Family through Reggeborgh Holding.

The PlasticRoad concept was launched in 2015 by the market leader in road construction KWS (a subsidiary of Royal VolkerWessels). In 2016, KWS entered into a partnership with Wavin and Total for further development of the PlasticRoad.

The first PlasticRoad in the world comes in Zwolle. The province of Overijssel and the municipality of Zwolle see great potential in the PlasticRoad as a solution for the challenges of the future as it pertains to a circular economy. Both parties are stimulating innovation to give entrepreneurs with sustainable ideas an opportunity for practical realization. By being the first client of these innovative entrepreneurs a new product can be tested for technical and economic feasibility. 

The 30-meter path, made of recycled plastic equivalent to more than 218,000 plastic cups, is expected to be three times as durable as an asphalt alternative. It also contains sensors to monitor the road’s performance, including its temperature, the number of bikes that pass over it, and its ability to cope with the traffic.

The prefabricated sections of the cycle path are light and hollow making them easy to transport and 70% quicker to install. Cables and utility pipes are able to be easily fitted inside, and the path is designed to drain off rainwater.

However, some doubts have been raised about the plastic path. Harmen Spek, from the anti-plastic lobby group Plastic Soup, has warned that small particles of the plastic could find their way into the living environment due to heat, wear, and run-off.


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