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( At 300 meters long, the Vatican Railway is the shortest national railway system in the world.

The Vatican Railway (Italian: Ferrovia Vaticana) was opened in 1934 to serve Vatican City and its only station, Vatican City, or Stazione Vaticana. The main rail tracks are standard gauge and 300 meters long, with two freight sidings, making it the shortest national railway system in the world.


Construction began on 3 April 1929, and the station began operation in 1933. It's simple white, Italian marble design was described by writer H. V. Morton as "more like a branch of the Barclay Bank in London." The station building is composed of white marble, and its dimensions are 61 by 21.5 meters. The central body is 16.85 meters tall and the lateral one is 5.95 meters tall. Part of the station building continues in use as a passenger station and goods (rail freight) office, whilst part now houses the Vatican numismatic and philatelic museum.


The railway station also houses the small Vatican duty-free department store, a private facility open only to Vatican subjects and diplomats.


Beginning in 2015, one passenger service runs each Saturday morning with passengers for Castel Gandolfo. Most other rail traffic consists of inbound freight goods, although the railway has occasionally carried other passengers, usually for symbolic or ceremonial reasons.

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