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( Sports Report started in 1948 and is the world's longest-running sports radio program.

Sports Report is one of the longest-running programs on British radio and is the world's longest-running sports radio program. It started on 3 January 1948 and has always been broadcast from 17:00 on Saturday evenings during the football season.

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Originally produced by Angus Mackay, it was broadcast on the BBC Light Program until 25 April 1964. On 22 August 1964, it became part of Sports Service and moved to Network Three (which later became BBC Radio 3) where it initially started at the earlier time of 16:42. On 4 April 1970, however, it moved back to what had by then become BBC Radio 2, where it remained until 25 August 1990 as part of Sport on 2. From 1 September 1990 to 26 March 1994 it moved to the original BBC Radio 5, and since 2 April 1994, it has been broadcast on BBC Radio 5 Live as part of 5 Live Sport.

The start of the 2022–23 English football season saw the axing of the Saturday afternoon classified football results without prior warning or fanfare. This was confirmed on 8 August 2022 when the BBC announced it has dropped the results from the program because it has been shortened ahead of the 17:30 Premier League match.

Extraordinarily, the program has used the same theme music since its inception - "Out of the Blue", written by Hubert Bath. It is said that Lynam prevented the theme from being dropped in the 1970s due to it sounding old-fashioned.

The use of the closing part of “Out of the Blue” to end the program was unceremoniously dropped by the BBC without consultation in the mid-2000s.

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