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( The old Finnish proverb “First build the sauna, then the house” shows how seriously Finns take this national institution.

Pyhäsalmi Mine is the deepest base metal mine in Europe, having a depth of 1,444 meters. It is located in the Pyhäjärvi municipality in the south of Northern Ostrobothnia province, Finland. The zinc and copper mine is owned by First Quantum Minerals, a Canadian mining corporation.


The "main level" of the mine is 1400 meters in depth and can be accessed with either the mine hoist or via the access tunnel. The main level houses a cafeteria, washrooms, showers, workshops, storage facilities, as well as a safety area. It is also home to the world's deepest sauna, at 1,410 meters underground.

Accessing the main level from the surface takes just 3 minutes using the elevator (average speed 8 m/s, maximum 12 m/s (43 km/h). The same descent takes about 30 minutes by car or lorry, along the 11 km-long decline access tunnel. Normal working hours in the mine are from 5 am to 10 pm. Blasting is done after 10 pm when the mine is empty due to safety protocols.

Above-ground facilities include the mill, hoisting towers, open blasting pit, waste pools, as well as workshops and warehouses. The mill is operated around the clock in three shifts.

Pyhäsalmi Mine has hosted numerous events due to its attraction as a unique location. It has hosted the deepest concert in the world (by Agonizer at 1271 m) as well as dance performances. The 11 km long spiral-shaped main tunnel has also seen several uphill running and cycling competitions.


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