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( Mønsted Kalkgruber is an endless maze of underground paths that stretches for 60 km and is up to six floors in height.

Mønsted Kalkgruber is the world's largest lime pit. Here is a world of experiences that tell of geology and bats. This fascinating lime cave is situated in northern Jutland, Denmark, around 20 minutes west of the town of Viborg.

The mine was made from sheer force and pick axes, a complex system of dark labyrinths and adventurous trails where thrilling discoveries await. By the 15th century, limestone from Mønsted was used in public construction works in large towns in Jutland, Denmark.


The Mønsted caves have around 60 kilometers of underground pathways, out of which only 2 kilometers are lit with natural light. The main path of the cave will lead to an old cave called Nonbos cave, which was the main working site for people in 1840.

At Mønsted, there is a lime plant, which is another main attraction. The lime plant was created in 1874, and it was in full use until 1980. Today the site of the former lime plant is used as a museum and explains to its visitors in greater detail the importance and history of the Danish lime industry.

There is also a small improvised cinema next to the larger lake. The cinema cave can host around 70 people. A short multimedia presentation of around 12 minutes with pictures is projected over the cave's walls, depicting the cave’s history. Mønsted is a really fascinating site and place to visit, it feels like a hidden underground world from a sci-fi movie.

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