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( Livanjsko polje, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the largest periodically flooded polje (karstic field) in the world. A typical example of karst polje is encircled by tall peaks and mountain ranges, the field is characterized by many unique natural phenomena and karstic features.

A polje, also called karst polje or karst field, is a large flat plain found in karstic geological regions of the world, with areas usually in the range of 5–400 km2.


The field has an area of 45,868 hectares, 458.7 km², and an average width of 6 km. It is located at an average height of 720 m above sea level.

The site comprises seasonally flooded agricultural land and alluvial forest, seasonal marshes and pools, permanent streams, karst springs and sinkholes, and the largest peatland in the Balkans. Together with the Sava wetlands, it is the most important wintering, migration, and breeding site for waterbirds and raptors in the country and a key site of the Central European Flyway. The polje is important for the identity of the local community of Livno, well-known for its traditional cheeses, and for a wide range of recreational pursuits.


The field is home to continental vegetable cultures such as potatoes and cabbage. Livestock, especially raising cattle and sheep, as well as the production of milk and two famous brands of delicacy cheese, simply known as Livanjski cheese and Cincar cheese, employs a good deal of the inhabitants of the field.

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