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( The International Four Day Marches Nijmegen (Vierdaagse) is the largest multiple-day marching event in the world. It is organized every year in Nijmegen, Netherlands in mid-July as a means of promoting sport and exercise.

The Vierdaagse is an annual walk that has taken place since 1909. Based at Nijmegen since 1924, it now takes place in the third week of July. In 2016 it celebrated its 100th edition (reflecting that the marches were curtailed during the two world wars). Originally a military event with a few civilians, it now is a mainly civilian event. Numbers have risen in recent years, with over 40,000 taking part annually, including about 5,000 militaries, and is the world's largest walking event.


Participants walk 30 km, 40 km, or 50 km daily, depending on their age and gender, and, on completion, receive a royally approved medal (Vierdaagsekruis). The participants are mostly civilians, but there are also a few thousand military participants. Military participants' distance is 40 km, in uniform, carrying at least 10 kg marching weight for men aged 18–49; for women, the weight is optional.


Each day of the marches is named for the biggest town on the daily route. Tuesday is the day of Elst, Wednesday is the day of Wijchen, Thursday is the day of Groesbeek, and Friday is the day of Cuijk. The routes always remain the same unless there is a specific need to change.


On Fridays of the event, as participants near the finish, the public presents walkers with gladioli, a symbol of victory since Roman times, when gladiators were likewise showered with these flowers. The entry into the city and towards the finish, along the St. Annastraat, is for that reason called Via Gladiola during the event. As far as a week ahead of that Friday, people will reserve spaces alongside the Via Gladiola by placing chairs and even couches. The finish is broadcast on Dutch television.


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