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( Established in 1911, Hamburg is the oldest international airport in the world that still operates today. This historical airport underwent extensive renovation between 2001 and 2009 to become one of the most modern airports in Germany.

Hamburg Airport, known in German as Flughafen Hamburg, is a major international airport in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany.

The airport was opened in January 1911 with private funding by the Hamburger Luftschiffhallen GmbH (HLG), making it the oldest international airport in the world to still be in operation and the second oldest airport in the world after College Park Airport, USA. The original site comprised 45 hectares, and during its early days was primarily used for airship flights. In 1913 the site was expanded to 60 hectares, the northern part being used for airship operations while the southeast area was used for fixed-wing aircraft.

The airport now features two runways, both capable of handling an Airbus A380 which is the largest airplane in the world. The Airport Plaza hosts the central security check as well as shops, restaurants, lounges, and other service facilities. It houses the S-Bahn station (suburban railway) and was completed in December 2008.

Hamburg Airport is the fifth-busiest of Germany's commercial airports measured by the number of passengers and counted 17,231,687 passengers and 156,388 aircraft movements in 2018. As of July 2017, it featured flights to more than 130 mostly European metropolitan and leisure destinations as well as two long-haul routes to Dubai and Tehran. The airport is equipped to handle wide-bodied aircraft including the Airbus A380.

Hamburg Airport is the inspiration for the world's largest miniature airport, named Knuffingen Airport, part of Miniatur Wunderland.

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