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( 'Arthur' (Antenna One) began operation on 11 July 1962 and today continues to carry telephony and data traffic around the world.

Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station is a large radiocommunication site located on Goonhilly Downs near Helston on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall, England. Owned by Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd under a 999-year lease from BT Group plc, it was at one time the largest satellite earth station in the world, with more than 30 communication antennas and dishes in use. The site also links to undersea cable lines.

Its first dish, Antenna One (dubbed "Arthur"), was built in 1962 to link with Telstar. It was the first open parabolic design and is 25.9 meters in diameter and weighs 1,118 tons. After Pleumeur-Bodou Ground Station (Brittany) which received the first live transatlantic television broadcasts from the United States via the Telstar satellite at 0H47 GMT on 11 July 1962, Arthur received his first video in the middle of the same day. It is now a Grade II listed structure and is therefore protected.

The site has also played a key role in communications events such as the Muhammad Ali fights, the Olympic Games, the Apollo 11 Moon landing, and 1985's Live Aid concert.

Until Easter 2010 the site had a visitor center inside which the Connected Earth gallery told the history of satellite communications. There were many other interactive exhibits, a cafe, a shop, and one of Britain's fastest cybercafés (a one-gigabit pipe and a theoretical maximum speed per computer of 100 Mbit). There were also tours around the main BT site and into the heart of Arthur.


On 11 January 2011, it was announced that part of the site was to be sold to create a space science center. In April 2018, Goonhilly became part of a collaborative partnership for commercial lunar mission support services, with the European Space Agency and Surrey Satellite Technology. The agreement calls for the upgrade of Goonhilly and the development of the Lunar Pathfinder mission. Plans exist for small landers with a lunar mothership providing communications relay.

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