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( Fry's Chocolate Cream is a chocolate bar developed by J. S. Fry & Sons and currently manufactured by Cadbury. Launched in 1866, Fry's Chocolate Cream is the first mass-produced chocolate bar and is the world's oldest chocolate bar brand.

Fry's Chocolate Cream was first produced in 1866 and is considered the direct descendant of Fry's Cream Stick produced in 1853. The original chocolate bar consisted of a plain fondant centre enrobed in plain chocolate. Variants include Peppermint Cream, Orange Cream, Raspberry Cream and Strawberry Cream.


The Cream Stick was the first industrialised and affordable chocolate bar. In 1875, Fry's Chocolate Cream was remoulded to the shape it still has today. During production, it once exceeded half a million units per day and the foil wrapping and label would appear in 1925. The Orange Cream and Peppermint Cream, followed by Fry's Five Centre, were introduced in 1934.

In World War II, Bomber crews in RAF Bomber Command were regularly issued with Fry's Chocolate Creams before missions.


The Fry's chocolate bar was first produced in Union Street, Bristol, where the family name had been associated with chocolate making since c. 1761. In 1923, Fry's (now Cadbury) chocolate factory moved to Somerdale Garden City, Keynsham, England.

Following a 2010 takeover of Cadbury plc by Kraft Foods, the Somerdale factory was closed on 31 March 2011 and its machinery was shipped to Warsaw, Poland. Then, after the acquisition of Cadbury by Mondelez International production was relocated and the Warsaw plant became part of Lotte Wedel.

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