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( The Fisherman’s Walk Cliff Lift is only 39 m in length, making it the shortest funicular.

A funicular is a type of cable railway system that connects points along a railway track laid on a steep slope. The system is characterized by two counterbalanced carriages (also called cars or trains) permanently attached to opposite ends of a haulage cable, which is looped over a pulley at the upper end of the track. The result of such a configuration is that the two carriages move synchronously: as one ascends, the other descends at an equal speed. This feature distinguishes funiculars from inclined elevators, which have a single car that is hauled uphill.

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The Fisherman's Walk Cliff Railway, or Southbourne Cliff Railway, is a funicular railway in Southbourne, a seaside suburb of the English seaside resort of Bournemouth. The line serves to link the seaside promenade and beach with the cliff top and the town behind.

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Opened in 1935 by Bournemouth Corporation, Fisherman's Walk Cliff Railway is the most recent of the town's three lines. Traction was originally provided by a 21 horsepower (16 kW) electric motor, although this was replaced in the 1960s. The passenger cabs were replaced with newer versions in April 2012.

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On Sunday 6 May 2018, Bournemouth-based sound and performance artists Language, Timothy! performed a site-specific theatre performance called 'Sound Journeys: The Longest Second' across both passenger cars of the Fisherman's Walk Cliff railway. The piece - two, one-minute vignettes created especially for the Southbourne railway - was a commission for Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe (BEAF) Festival 2018. Over 500 passengers saw one or both halves of the piece which ran for four hours during usual cliff lift operating hours.


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