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( Fiann Paul (born 15 August 1980) is an Icelandic explorer, athlete, artist, speaker, and Jungian psychoanalyst. He is the world's most record-breaking explorer.

Fiann has crossed all five oceans in an unsupported human-powered row boat with world-record-breaking speed, setting the overall speed records for the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans (he achieved the only human-powered crossing of the Antarctic Ocean and as a result, no speed record was adjudicated due to lack of competition).


He was the captain of the most record-breaking expedition in history, the stroke of the fastest boat in ocean rowing history, and the stroke of the overall speed record-breaking crossings of each ocean. As of 2020, he was the captain of the only three successful human-powered pioneering expeditions into the open waters of both Polar Regions.


In 2019 Fiann Paul led the first human-powered transit (by rowing) across the Drake Passage and the first human-powered expedition on the Southern Ocean. It was accomplished on 25 December 2019 and he became the first and only person (as of 2020) to achieve the Ocean Explorers Grand Slam: performing open-water crossings on each of the five oceans using human-powered vessels. He also acted as a stroke on the expedition.


Fiann is also active in the fields of art and psychology and has raised attention as someone uniquely combining different fields of activity.

Fiann chooses to consume no alcohol. He mentioned music to be his only addiction. The only meat present in his diet is of fish origin, as he states that fish are the only animals he could handle killing by himself. He is also known for eating raw eggs, instead of protein shakes after training.

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